Keeping the workforce ‘appy with mobile services that link to a locum lifestyle…

25 March 2019

Liaison Workforce

With a focus by Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock on the digitisation of the NHS, we often hear trusts and health boards cry out for mobile ‘app’ support for managing their workforce – but also the need for technology that delivers and is fully supported.

With more than 30 years of experience of working with the NHS, we have seen the introduction of many new technologies and AI services that have assisted with the management and delivery of health services and patient care.  From pagers to fax machines, data programmes to the recent misuse of WhatsApp – not all new technology has succeeded in the NHS– a lack of ongoing investment, security and on-site and helpdesk support being the main reasons stand-alone technology can fail.

One of the most successful services we have launched to market is based on the needs of junior doctors and dentists who work across many NHS site trusts during their training.  Our TempRE workforce services are used by over 60 NHS organisations to manage their agency direct employed temporary workforce and we’ve been supporting medical staffing teams for almost a decade in managing their locums. 

Last year, we launched our TempRE app to support the managed contingent workforce service. Driven by a need for mobile locum workers to be able to access live bank ‘shifts on the go’, sign contracts electronically, submit timesheets and receive weekly pay, the TempRE app has been warmly welcomed by the workforce. 

Not only are the workers benefitting from this technology but so too are the medical staffing teams who now have remote control over filling gaps in the rota and reaching available locums quickly. By integrating our app as part of our dedicated workforce offering more than 20 live TempRE banks across the UK, including a collaborative bank of eight trusts in the North East, are already using it for their workers. The TempRE app uses the latest mobile technology to complement our dedicated on-site service teams and award-winning helpdesk support – and it’s free and easy to download on both Appstore and Googleplay.

How do you keep an incredibly pressured NHS workforce ‘appy?  Provide them with innovation that works, fits seamlessly with their existing systems and adapts to their working environment, not the providers’.