HMRC Inspections

12 September 2018

For many NHS organisations HMRC inspections can be a daunting experience and some may find it difficult to understand exactly what HMRC are requesting. This is why it is useful to have a VAT expert on hand to support you through the inspection process.

HMRC can carry out inspections in numerous ways, and it may not always be clear that an inspection is being carried out. For example, you may receive a one-off email or letter with a few questions. Once answered this may lead to more questions or perhaps a penalty if any errors are found.

At Liaison we pride ourselves in being available to help NHS organisations with their HMRC inspections. Liaison Financial will help you by liaising directly with HMRC on your behalf whilst continually providing open and easy to understand updates on progress.

Should you disagree with HMRC’s findings arising from an inspection, Liaison Financial is able to go through HMRC’s reconsideration protocol for you. With our specialised VAT knowledge, we will correspond with HMRC on your behalf and aim to resolve any issues for you.

Attendance at HMRC inspections will usually be included within our contract for VAT advisory services. As such, no additional fee would be incurred for our attendance.  We recommend contacting your VAT advisor whenever you receive a letter, email or visit from HMRC as it may be part of an inspection and your advisor’s expertise is invaluable during the inspection process.