Growth and support promised to NHS Workforce in Queen’s Speech

19 December 2019

During the Queen’s Speech, which opened the new Parliament today, the government has promised to take steps to “grow and support” the NHS workforce.

In her speech, the Queen said:

For the first time, the National Health Service’s multi-year funding settlement, agreed earlier this year, will be enshrined in law. Steps will be taken to grow and support the National Health Service’s workforce and a new visa will ensure qualified doctors, nurses and health professionals have fast-track entry to the United Kingdom.

This includes provision of a new multi-year settlement for the NHS, seeing a £33.9 billion increase in cash terms by 2023-24, support for the implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan, and further investment in staff by delivering 50,000 more nurses, 6,000 more doctors and 6,000 more primary care professionals.

With a current workforce of 1.26 million staff members, effective management of teams is a primary concern for the NHS, and Liaison Workforce looks to provide a comprehensive range of services for all areas of healthcare workforce management including bank, collaborative bank, fixed term workers, rostering optimisation and workforce advisory services.

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