Government encourages NHS trusts to build staff banks

22 May 2020

Liaison Workforce

Minister of State for Health and Social Care, Helen Whately MP, has said that the Government continues to “actively encourage and support” NHS organisations to develop staff banks.

This came in response to a written parliamentary question from Health Select Committee member, Rosie Cooper MP, who asked the Health Secretary what steps he is taking to ensure that all registered NHS agency workers are deployed to help tackle coronavirus.

Ms. Whately responded:

“The National Health Service has mobilised a large number of clinical and non-clinical staff to manage the challenges posed by the pandemic, including those retired and those who normally work in the private sector.

“In addition, the NHS has a robust temporary staffing supply chain to ensure it can bring in the right people at the right time to deal with fluctuations in demand.

“During the pandemic, we have also seen increasing numbers of staff sign up to NHS staff banks, which are pools of flexible resource that can be deployed as an alternative to the use of staffing agencies. Bank staff provide good continuity of care and value for money, and we continue to actively encourage and support trusts to further develop these banks.”

Liaison Workforce Managing Director, Judith Shaw, said:

“We have supported a number of NHS trusts and health boards to use their substantive workforces to fill extra shifts by building a bank of medical staff. Vacant shifts are then listed for bank workers, before releasing further vacancies to chosen agencies for the most cost-effective supply of staff.

“Banks are managed through our innovative TempRE platform and supported by our teams who work with trusts to drive and maintain bank growth and ultimately reduce agency spend, while maintaining safe staffing levels.”

To find out more about how a bank could benefit your trust, please contact Liaison Workforce on 0845 603 9000 or email