COVID-19 vaccination logistics made easier with dedicated bank

12 January 2021

Liaison Workforce

With seven mass vaccination sites opening across England this week, the Government claims to be on track to having over 13million people vaccinated against COVID-19 by the middle of February.  

In order to achieve the required 200,000+ vaccinations every day throughout the country, a huge coordination of clinical and administrative workers has been essential to enable the vaccine programme to be delivered as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This in itself is a huge challenge to an already stretched NHS.

In the Cheshire region, we have implemented an innovative and effective Vaccination Bank at speed; enabling collaboration between NHS system partners including the CCG, Integrated Care Partnerships, local councils, 18 Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and 79 GP practices to deliver the vital vaccination programme across Cheshire. This will reduce pressure on GPs and enable vaccines to be administered as quickly as possible to the most vulnerable groups in the community.

Liaison Workforce is the strategic partner providing the technology and managed service for the Cheshire Vaccination Bank. TempRE, our technology platform and mobile app powering the Bank, manages shifts, timesheets and payroll for the workers, whether existing, temporary or voluntary.

The Bank’s dedicated website – – hosts a variety of information on the service and acts as a platform for the recruitment of paid and voluntary workers, providing information about how the Bank works and the roles and locations available, as well as a registration process for interested candidates to sign up.

To find out more about the Vaccination Bank, including the creation of one for your region, please contact us.