Are you on track with your COVID-19 deferred assessments backlog delivery?

19 November 2020

Liaison Care

With an estimated 25,000 deferred assessments waiting to be completed across England, we know that many CCGs feel overwhelmed by their CHC recovery plans. Some are worrying about how they will deliver everything they are committed to by the deadline set by NHSE/I of 31st March 2021. Others tell us their plans seem robust, but they are less confident about the effect the pressure will have on their workforce.

And of course, underlying all of this is a real concern about the impact their decisions will have on patients.

For those CCGs who see their CHC backlog recovery timetable slipping, Liaison Care can offer immediate assistance, with five pledges:

  1. Speed of completion: Where your CCG needs to get reviews started immediately, we have capacity to complete reviews quickly and with little disruption to your core business.
  2. Guaranteed quality: Our dedicated Quality Assurance Team can review each case and the supporting evidence, before certifying compliance with the National Framework and Guidance, and we can also check the report and recommended outcome prior to delivery to the CCG.
  3. Ongoing validation: On a weekly basis, we can validate the reviews the CCG team has completed to ensure that they are of the highest standards and that the evidence fully supports the recommendation. (We believe that this robust process is the best way to avoid complaints and appeals when decisions are being made within tight timescales.)
  4. Excellent reputation: Liaison Care’s commitment to quality and excellence is supported by the feedback we receive from our clients. As a trusted partner of NHS England, we are committed to supporting CCGs through our partnership approach.
  5. Value for money: In addition to the benefits that will accrue from early decisions, we can also support routine 3 and 12 month reviews at a much lower cost than if using agency or contract workers.

So, if your CCG finds in the coming weeks that it needs assistance in kickstarting its CHC recovery post-COVID, please get in touch to discuss how we can assist.

If your NHS organisation could benefit further information on this, contacts us at and a member of the team will get in touch.

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