Introducing our Telecoms Review

Liaison Financial

Liaison Financial have launched their new telecoms review, which can help trusts to achieve on average 20% savings of their total telecoms spend.

In the last 18 months, working practices have changed drastically. The speed in which change needed to take place to issue hardware to staff, use of new technology platforms and continued agile working, now provides an ideal opportunity to review infrastructure and spend to identify where savings can be achieved.

The review will analyse spend and requirements in detail and provide recommendations on implementing new strategies. Combined with best practice advice on policies and telecoms management; the telecoms review will help increase value for money on existing contracts and support with the delivery of significant savings.

Liaison Financial Managing Director, Alison Jones, says: “During the pandemic, we have seen telecoms requirements change and costs rise significantly.

“Our telecoms review will provide a complete review of your telecoms’ infrastructure to analyse costs and utilisation against current and future working requirements, to identify where saving opportunities exist.

We have 30 years of experience in delivering savings to NHS organisations and with NHS telecoms experts within the team, you can be confident advice and recommendations maintain a robust infrastructure whist delivering savings.”

To find out more or to begin your organisation’s telecoms review, get in touch with us today or email us at info@liaisongroup.com