Telecoms Landscape

During the pandemic, we have seen telecoms requirements change and costs rise significantly.

Working practices have changed for a large number of NHS staff, and trusts have had to react quickly – handing out mobile phones, tablets and laptops to allow staff to work from home. Contracts can also sit with different departments; procurement, estates, IT, which often leads to a lack of consistency across platforms, duplication of technologies, and excess charges.

Through understanding current costs and requirements significant savings can be achieved by rationalising network providers, consolidating contracts, and modernising telecoms infrastructure in line with agile working policies.

How can we help?

Our telecoms review will look at your spend in detail and provide advice on implementing new strategies. Combined with best practice advice on policies and telecoms management, we help to significantly reduce spend, increase value for money on existing contracts and support with the delivery of savings.

We complete a review of your telecoms’ infrastructure to analyse costs and utilisation against current requirements. We identify all areas that can be optimised as well as ensuring a robust infrastructure, for current and future telecoms needs.

Liaison Financial has 30 years’ experience in delivering savings to NHS organisations and with NHS Telecoms experts within the team, you can be confident advice and recommendations are effective without affecting service and infrastructure quality.

What are the key benefits of our telecoms review?

Achieve a *20% saving of your current telecoms spend through our review that delivers:

  • Total visibility of your current spend and telecoms infrastructure
  • Supplier breakdown and identification of duplication of technologies
  • Device utilisation and options of new technologies available
  • Recommended improvement opportunities and procurement options
  • Best practice advice on policies and telecoms management

*Average savings per trust