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Episode 7: Stephen Moir

Leadership in the NHS – Steering us out of Covid-19


1.20: What should Amanda Pritchard be looking to do first in her new role as Chief Executive of NHS England?

5.00: What role do resources (or lack thereof) play on leading the health and social care workforce?

5.33: “Whilst money is important, it’s the public purse, I suppose the thing for me is that the money’s important but not losing sight of the outcomes. Not losing sight of the clinical outcomes and the patient experience that needs to take precedent and priority over all else.”

7.17: “We’ve got to recognise we’ve asked so much from these people [the workforce] for so long now; they’re understandably going to be fatigued, they’re understandably going to be stressed. We are going to see a wave of impact from this pandemic unfolding for years to come.”

13.40 What expectations do the new ICS structures bring to leadership in health and social care – at system, regional, national and local level?

15.36: “I think, first and foremost, this is an opportunity to re-engage with patients and carers, and providers. And I’m going to put them in that order, because the voice of patients and carers has to come first before anybody else, in my view. And that’s how you start to get a real sense of integration at a local level and respond to need.” (on ICS challenges)

17.10: “We have to be focused on the needs of the community and I think an ICS gives that opportunity by bringing together various parties together to enable that to happen, so I think that actually, the notion of an ICS bringing organisations together with the voice of patients, the voice of carers, will be a really positive one.”

19.49: What could ICS leaders do to ‘get ahead’?

22.20: How successful the NHS People Plan has been in its implementation so far

28.32: “The NHS is provided and delivered through the people that it employs, through the unpaid carers in their tens of thousands across the country, and through individual family and next-of-kin – that’s what we need to be talking about, an I think if people could let go of the hospitals and physical assets to a greater extent, and think about how you deliver outcomes for people with people, rather than ‘we must deliver X from this building because we’ve always done it that way’, that would be a seismic change.” (On moving from thinking about care delivery in hospitals, to focusing on people delivery)

29.45: What should be prioritised as the NHS and Local Government and their workforce begins to look beyond the Covid-19 pandemic

30.29: “Continued prioritisation attention around recruitment, retention and making sure we have the right capability and capacity to deliver the services that are needed.”

31.30: “Alongside that one of the themes we need to focus on is… Diversity and Inclusion. We need to better reflect the populations we serve, both at an integrated care system level but also regionally and nationally.”

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