Hull University Teaching Hospitals transform temporary staffing spend

Hull University Teaching Hospitals is the largest employer in the Hull and East Yorkshire region.

Scope and Objectives

Hull University Teaching Hospitals is the largest employer in the Hull and East Yorkshire region. As demand for care continues to grow and the services that are delivered and provided develop at pace, the NHS continues to face pressures on the funding it has available. A key focus for the Trust is to modernise practices, embrace new technology, and transform services. Their vision is ‘Great Staff – Great Care – Great Future’.

Historically, the recruitment and retention of medical staff has been an issue due to the geographical location of the Trust, which has meant that agency spend to fill their workforce gaps has been a challenge. The senior team knew expenditure associated with temporary staffing was too high, so they needed to bring transparency and extra understanding to this area, and to create opportunities for cost efficiencies. The Trust’s original objectives were:

  • Gain greater control and visibility of all medical locum, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and Non Medical Non
  • Clinical (NMNC) agency bookings.
  • Streamline processes and systems.
  • Adhere to NHSI guidance and thresholds.
  • Centrally manage all medical bookings.
  • Make significant savings.
  • Transparency of bank rates and expenditure.
  • Complete visibility of real-time data in one place.
We are delighted by the savings achieved. Liaison Workforce has been able to provide us with complete transparency, control, visibility and real-time data which enables us to make decisions quickly. We have also been able to build our medical bank which continues to grow month on month.

Simon Nearney

Director of OD & Workforce


Agencies engaged and 100% AHP Agency Direct Employment


Shifts booked under commission rate cap. Over 284,000 hours processed


Agency Direct Employment net savings since go live

Achievements to date

Cost efficiencies from an overall reduction in bank rates.

Total average ST1/2 spend has reduced by over £5/h since August 2019.

Transparency and control of medical, AHP and NMNC agency spend.

All medical grades have seen a decrease in average agency commission per hour since August 2019.

Bank implementation has delivered 38% reduction in spend compared to consultants sourced via an agency.

How our TempRE Bank solution delivered savings, greater visibility and control

Education and training:

End-user training and ongoing support was provided to all system users involved. Investment in face-to-face communication took place to ensure staff understood how TempRE could save the Trust money, which lead to internal stakeholders being committed. 

The medical staffing team has also benefited from Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited training (Liaison Academy modules) which have helped to improve negotiations and an understanding around the importance of Agency Direct Employment (ADE).

Liaison Workforce deals with any agency queries and the disbursement of funds on our behalf. It has reduced the admin time significantly and has been a great help.

Karen Towse

Head of Financial Accounts


TempRE technology:

The platform has helped facilitate the transformation of the Trust’s processes and infrastructure leading to the centralisation of booking management for both medical bank and agency.

The Trust and workers benefited from the integrated TempRE App, meaning tasks could be completed on the go. With its rich functionality, TempRE has enabled the Trust to streamline from three separate systems to just one end-to-end solution.


The on-site team are an invaluable support to the trust training our managers to use the system and providing expert workforce advice. Assisting with pay queries, providing support to finance and HR and liaising with doctors and agency workers to support us in maximising savings for the trust. We would not have achieved what we have without them!

Sue Richards

Head of Workforce Transformation and Service Delivery


Agency invoice disbursement service:

This disbursement service significantly reduced administrative tasks, provided comprehensive real-time reporting and invoice statuses, as well as reducing invoice errors and queries leading to improved accrual forecasting.

Agency management:

The TempRE system has allowed a preferred, pre-agreed tiering system to be adhered to leading to increased concordance, full audit trail and control. The quick, effective tiering system supported price controls and rate reductions whilst increasing the available supply resulting in quicker fill rates.


Workforce intelligence:

The suite provides visibility and granular detail to enable thorough analysis of temporary workforce spend. The Trust benefitted from a bespoke KPI dashboard with easy to use drill through functionality and automated commentary, which helped monitor trends and brought extra focus to key areas. In addition, TempRE provides automated NHSI returns reporting and local benchmarking for a wider perspective on key metrics.

On-site support:

Liaison Workforce’s support personnel have assisted the Trust with process re-design, resulting in a formalised, robust route to market.

Next steps Liaison Workforce will:

Work in partnership with the Trust to reduce their workforce gaps and minimise reliance on temporary and agency staff.

Introduce other efficiencies and cost savings to the Trust including greater adherence to process and supporting the eradication of standard placement bookings.

Explore the use of robotics to create further efficiencies and eliminate duplicate tasks.

Support the Trust to further optimise and transform their service, aligned to their overall vision.

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