Introducing our new Private Patients Optimisation service

Liaison Financial

Liaison Financial have launched a new Private Patients Optimisation service, which can increase your Private Patient income by up to 20%.

With commercial, operational and strategic support, our expert advice leads to increased income generation combined with full clinical and corporate governance.

Private Patient Optimisation has three main benefits to organisations:

Maximising income

Our experts will provide audit and assurance to help ensure that all chargeable elements of treatment are captured and invoiced.

A review will identify up to 20% of additional Private Patient income concerning undercharges to Insurance Companies, which we then seek to recover on your behalf.

Providing assurance that Trusts are performing in a commercially viable and compliant way

The service encompasses an analysis of Private Patient pathways to generate a ‘best practice’ methodology combined with an accurate data flow.

This service includes income and cost analysis of prices to ensure that Private Patient treatment is not subsidised by NHS funding.

Enabling a Trust’s Private Patient Service offering to reach its true market potential

Our experts can provide ongoing support, drawing on their experience and knowledge to create a partnership. The service includes, but is not limited to, regular price benchmarking for Private Patient procedures and an essential coding database which enables NHS Trust coding (OPCS) to be translated to Private Patient CCSD equivalents to generate accurate invoicing.

Liaison Financial Managing Director, Alison Jones, says: “We are delighted to be able to offer this comprehensive service to our clients, which provides essential end-to-end support from assessment and evaluation to implementation.

“We are confident that this service will allow the NHS to enhance their Private Patient offerings by redefining culture with operational support.

“Our fees are charged on real savings delivered to the Trust. If we are unable to find any income, there is no charge for our services but this in itself gives you peace of mind that your processes and procedures are working. It is a true “win win” situation.”

To find out more, please click here, or to discuss how we can improve your Private Patients service, please get in touch at info@liaisongroup.com