In November 2021, the Chief People Officer for NHS England, Prerana Issar, published a report on ‘The future of NHS human resources and organisational development’. Within this, an action was identified for organisations and systems to have “high quality reporting of people data and insights, enabled through the use of digital services to support effective, informed decision making”.

At the same time, the Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA) and Liaison Workforce conducted a survey of HPMA members to establish where NHS organisations currently stand regarding the use of People Analytics, and the barriers and drivers to implementing a People Analytics platform for this.

The survey found that 97% of organisations who responded stated that People Analytics was a priority.



In the following report, the use of People Analytics is recommended to meet the Chief People Officer’s action to “establish data standards across multiple people digital systems to enable interoperability and informed decision making.” Overcoming the barriers within NHS organisations and systems to the implementation of People Analytics is essential to meeting this ambition, and the report provides recommendations for the successful application of People Analytics at organisational and system level to benefit the NHS workforce.


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To read the Chief People Officer’s report, ‘The future of NHS human resources and organisational development’, please click here.