Andrew Armitage
CEO | Liaison Group

I’m very proud to be associated with Liaison Amani and of what our staff and supporters have been able to achieve in just three years of starting the charity.  This year, I was invited to visit the Amani charity in Tanzania and it was an incredible experience.

On the final stretch of my weeklong visit I was able to visit the centre in Singida which we have funded and continue to support.  The eight-hour journey from Moshi wasn’t the most comfortable but I had great company along the way with Lenard, the driver and Jafary, the senior coordinator, with them was Rama – a boy I recognised from the main centre.

I asked why Rama was with them and was told he was coming with us, they were re-unifying him with his father in Singida.  Rama’s story is that he was fed up with school and asked his dad if he could visit his gran in Arusha (an eight-hour bus ride away).  He set off on his journey and never turned up at his gran’s farm and went straight onto the streets.  After two months, Amani rescued him and put him on their programme.  Some six months later he was ready to go home.

The following day, after an amazing welcome from everyone, I introduced the children at the centre to rugby drills – culminating in a very chaotic but fun first game of rugby. Rama’s father turned up just in time to see his son score the equalising try – a truly magical tearful moment!

These lasting memorises revolve around just how good and committed the team is at Singida and how happy the children are. Thank you to everyone who helps to turn these precious lives around.

Richard Nichols
Senior Regional Manager | Liaison Financial

When the idea of setting up the Liaison Amani Children’s Charity was presented to the company, I felt that this was the opportunity for me to get to grips with supporting a truly worthwhile cause.  The more I learnt about the charity, the more I wanted to help.

It has been an incredibly rewarding experience supporting the charity and I was privileged to be able to visit the charity and experience the amazing work that is taking place to turn these children’s lives around and give them hope for a better future.

Since the birth of my son most of my free time is generally spent with my family and being outdoors – I enjoy mountain biking when I can get away. This is the reason why the Liaison Amani Three Peaks Challenge and London Triathlon were right up my street.

Ian Jordan
Senior Manager | Liaison Financial

I’m a real sports fanatic – a season ticket holder at West Bromwich Albion FC; cricket fan, player (still) and coach, and I also help with the organisation of my son’s local football team. When there was an opportunity to set up the new Liaison Amani Children’s Charity, I felt I wanted to make a contribution and thought that my administrative experience gained in running sports teams would be an asset for the new charity. I really wanted to see if I could help out.

And here I am – six years later, having visited the Amani centre in Tanzania and met the amazing staff and support workers, and more importantly, the children who are benefiting from a new start in life through Liaison Amani.

Holly Osborne
Project Support Team Leader| Liaison Workforce

I am passionate about fundraising and I have always tried to take part in at least one charity event each year. I jumped at the opportunity to become an Amani trustee. I am a mum to twin girls and I am fiercely protective of my own brood so this charity really spoke to me.

All children have the right to a full belly, to feel safe and to feel like they matter. Being part of such a fantastic cause really feels like I am making a difference and I am excited to put my energy into helping change lives.

Jodie Clare
Product Owner | Liaison Workforce

When a trustee vacancy was announced I had only been with Liaison for a couple of weeks, but I immediately knew that this was an opportunity for me to become a part of something life changing by committing to a cause that would have a huge impact on young lives.

A keen traveller, I have been lucky enough to visit many wonderful places in the world. As a Liaison Amani trustee I would also love to visit Tanzania one day and meet the children that all of our fundraising efforts go towards helping.

As a mother myself, I am a firm believer in everything that this charity stands for. Every child deserves a good start in life and I am honoured to be involved in this mission.