The challenge

It is anticipated that there will be three work-streams that will contribute to backlogs totalling 60,000 cases across England. Many of them are unlikely to be eligible for Continuing Healthcare (CHC), but will still require an assessment. Hospital discharges and CHC referrals are likely to make up the bulk of the backlog but existing CHC reviews, that have not been completed during this period, will also contribute to the challenges facing Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) an their CHC teams.

Evolving, transforming and getting back to business as usual

In order to address the core issues facing CHC services in 2020 and beyond, CHC teams need to transform and look for trusted partners to develop better ways of working. Partners who can lighten the load, support teams flatten the curve and reduce the impact of the pandemic in this new world. Moving beyond the current conditions will be a challenge for many CCGs. We believe there are better ways of getting back to business as usual and minimising the long-term impact of COVID-19.

Services and solutions

The services offered by Liaison Care are designed to help CCGs to develop their CHC Recovery Plan and support them in the transition period from emergency response to business as usual. The aim is to minimise the impact of the emergency period, reduce the pressure on CCGs and reduce the cost to the NHS.

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We’re also interested in hearing about your challenges and successes during the COVID-19 pandemic which we can share across the CHC network and help create a positive vision for CHC for the challenges that lie ahead.