Introducing “in conversation with…”

A new series of monthly videos, podcasts and transcripts designed to give you the opportunity to hear directly from those influencing our NHS.

Enjoy with a coffee, during a walk, or just take some time to listen and get away from your emails.

At a time where our NHS continues to face unprecedented challenges and change, our aim with this series is to provide a platform for innovators in the healthcare industry to share their ideas and recommendations to provoke thought and ultimately help advance the NHS, and we’d like to invite you to be a part of that conversation.

Episode One:

“At home or onsite?” Remote working in the NHS in 2021

Guest: Dean Royles, President of HPMA and Non-Executive Director at Humber NHS Foundation Trust
Host: Jack Mazzina, Business Development Director, Liaison Workforce

Length: 40 mins

Synopsis: A year since the first lockdown, we speak to Dean about:

  • How the nature of work, the workplace and the workforce has changed
  • Presenteeism, work-life balance and trust in the remote workplace
  • Tech as a driver for change
  • Health and wellbeing time, as well as space
  • The need for NHS organisations to adapt in order to recruit and retain top talent

Episode Two:

Growth in the NHS: How to maximise your professional development

Guest: Nicky Ingham, Executive Director of HPMA

Host: Jack Mazzina, Business Development Director, Liaison Workforce

Length: TBC

Synopsis: Professional development is a key part of a career in the NHS, with courses, experience and on-the-job learning all essential parts of getting to where you want to be. In this episode, Nicky Ingham will be sharing her thoughts on professional development initiatives and new ways to learn in order to progress NHS careers.

If you’d like to take part in the series, or if you’d like to speak with one of our experts about how Liaison Workforce can help your NHS organisation tackle some of the challenges we discuss, get in touch.