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Episode 6: Darryn Allcorn

System Working & Collaboration: The transition and its challenges

1.06: Darryn’s experience so far of transitioning to system working

1.12: “What we saw during the pandemic, during Covid, is that systems became absolutely paramount and became the very best way of working.”

2.02: How we stop thinking about the lanyard and start thinking about the patient

2.27: “…Systems are at their best when we work collaboratively and focus around the patient journey, from wellbeing to illness and hopefully back to recovery.”

4.06: Collaboration and the benefits it brings for patients as a driver for system working

4.45: “We would never want to be in a global pandemic ever again, but actually, what it did focus was that there was one common purpose, so that call to arms and that delivery around the global health emergency stopped some of the bureaucracy and really drove clinicians and teams to be able to be in the driving seat and delivery the transition, and do that at pace.”

5.47 How virtual wards can support a reduction in admissions and increase effective community placed care and encourage better system working

9.30: Inequality as the biggest challenge to the recovery phase

11.26 What more should be done to enable collaborative working to prevent lanyard working

11.54: “We absolutely have to make sure that the workforce we’ve got today is valued and their wellbeing is supported, but ultimately, on top of that, that we’re using them in the most effective way that we can to support those individuals.”

15.20: “The NHS and social care run on our workforce. The workforce is the high quality care, it’s the interventions, it’s the support at home, it’s the admission to hospital, and without the workforce, we would be nothing, so we absolutely have to invest and have to value our finite resource, which is our teams.”

17.26: What can/should be done to aid nurse recruitment across the NHS

18.05: What does the multidisciplinary team look like moving forward? How do we look at different roles? How do we ensure that the nursing supply for the future is sustainable?

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