Completing a VAT return

This webinar provides clear instructions on how to complete your VAT return. Each section will be explained in detail, allowing you to take notes and ensure your processes are correct moving forward.

Procurement in and out of the UK

This webinar is designed to help procurement teams understand how to maximise VAT recovery and the importing of goods, by discussing some of the COS headings which they need to be aware of, and sharing essential procurement tips using real-life case studies.

VAT from Scratch

This one-hour webinar covers all aspects of VAT within the NHS, starting from the very beginning with the history of VAT. It is ideal for people that are new to the NHS, as it provides a thorough introduction to VAT and how it applies to the NHS.

VAT on Income

This is a webinar on common areas of income within the NHS. Aimed at members of staff that deal with the income side of financial administration that regularly make decisions about the VAT liabilities of supplies. The objective of the webinar is to give general information on income, and whilst we can’t cover all areas of income exhaustively, we hope it will spark further interest and get your minds thinking about things more proactively.
You can gain access to previous webinars on our website; allowing you to view recordings, read transcripts and gain the updates you need to increase your VAT knowledge. Click here.